Table of Contents Dog swimming vs. runningDoes swimming tire out dogs more than running?How long should a dog swim for exercise?Is it OK for dogs to swim every day?Is too much swimming bad for dogs?Swimming is good exercise for aging...
  • 2022/05/04
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How Fast and Far Can Dogs Run? Why are dogs so fast? Dogs that run slow vs. dogs that run fast. Training your dog to run races & how much running is safe for a dog?
  • 2022/03/15
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Canicross is a sport where you run cross country with your dog pulling you in a harness and bungee line. You run on natural surfaces such as trails, dirt roads or grass (not on pavement).There are organized canicross races, but you can also run canicross with your dog anywhere for fun.
  • 2022/02/11
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Table of Contents How to Run a 5K or 10K with Your DogHow to prepare your dog for a 5K or 10K1. Slowly build up your dog’s miles.2. Always bring water for your dog.3. Check with your dog’s vet4. Build...
  • 2021/12/10
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Table of Contents Tips for running with your dogHow to run with a dogHow far can I run with my dog?Can I run with my small dog?How old does my puppy need to be to start running?Puppy growth plates and...
  • 2021/11/15
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