Dog swimming vs. running We love running with our dogs, but another great way for dogs to exercise and have fun is swimming! Some dogs LOVE to swim (looking at you, Labs!) but some dogs would rather not get their...
  • 2022/05/04
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How Fast and Far Can Dogs Run? Why are dogs so fast? Dogs that run slow vs. dogs that run fast. Training your dog to run races & how much running is safe for a dog?
  • 2022/03/15
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Canicross is a sport where you run cross country with your dog pulling you in a harness and bungee line. You run on natural surfaces such as trails, dirt roads or grass (not on pavement).There are organized canicross races, but you can also run canicross with your dog anywhere for fun.
  • 2022/02/11
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How to Run a 5K or 10K with Your Dog Most dogs are capable of running a 5K race (3.1 miles) with the right training. This article is about how to train and prepare your dog for a 5K or...
  • 2021/12/10
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Tips for running with your dog I get a lot of questions about running with your dog, so today I’m going to answer the most frequent questions. I’ve been running with dogs for over 20 years, including the thousands of...
  • 2021/11/15
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