Prairie Spirit Trail Races – Kansas

Prairie Spirit Trail Races – 100M, 100K, 50M, 50K – Kansas

Dogs are allowed to run on the course for the Prairie Spirit 100-miler, 100K, 50-miler and 50K. They need to be leashed and are only allowed to use water at the age stations. You need to bring your own dog dish.

The Prairie Spirit Ultras are scheduled for March 26, 2022. It takes place on a rails to trails course that goes through several small towns. This means it is also a fairly flat, “easy” course. It is an out and back that begins in Ottawa, KS.

Aid stations (some manned and some unmanned) will be approximately every 5 miles. The manned aid stations will have water, electrolyte drinks, snacks, soup and sandwiches. The unmanned stations will have water. The course is easily accessible for crews.

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