The Nitty Gritty Marathon – Red Lodge, MT

Nitty Gritty Marathon & Half Marathon – Montana

The Nitty Gritty is a trail marathon & half marathon that allows dogs both on and off leash. It is on a 4.3-mile looped single track course on Red Lodge Mountain.

Race options include a solo marathon, relay marathon, solo half marathon or solo “hot lap” which is a single 4.3-mile loop. Each loop has about 1,150 ft of elevation gain. There will be food, snacks, water and restrooms at the start line of each lap. No other aid stations.

The race is scheduled for Aug. 20. It is hand timed by volunteers.

Off-leash dogs must have a nearly perfect recall. Owners also need to keep dogs away from the snack table.

There will be prizes for dogs! Awards will also be give to the top 3 for each gender in each event. Snacks and beer will be available at the finish.

Participants are required to carry bear spray.

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