Zoe, Zeke and Drake

They were very good on their walk today. Poor Drake was scared of the camera, though, so I probably won’t take any more pictures of him 🙂 The other two sure know how to pose! Drake is up for adoption with Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota. Check out his profile here. He is a very, very sweet old boy who deserves a loving home!

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  • Michelle -

    Thanks so much Lindsay! Zoe looks like she has some kind of ancient-wisdom thing going on that picture! They were really happy to see us when we got home, but calm and happy. Thanks for the mention about Drake. He’s such a sweet guy and despite his camera fears (I know how he feels!), he’s a wonderful companion.

  • Lindsay -

    Zoe put on her serious face for the camera. Believe me, I have thought about adopting Drake myself! I love goldens!

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