Sammi the pitbull mix

pitbull mix

pitbull terrier mix

terrier mix

Sammi is being a good girl while enjoying herself. She is a lot less interested in the cats this time. Playing tug of war and wrestling with Ace is more important, I guess. She also loves to go biking with my hands free bike leash. Good girl!

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  • Lindsay -

    Your guess is as good as mine. I used to think Jack Russell/Pitbull. Now I think she’s Brittany spaniel and pitbull. But of course, that’s just a plain guess. She could be just about any mix of breeds. She may not even be a pitbull mix.

  • Augie -

    You should do the DNA test. My dog looks very similar. Just sent my test in.

  • Katie -

    My dog is a spitting image of yours, the shelter told me she was a shepherd pit bull mix.

  • Naomi Hersh Clackum -

    I just adopted a young female from the Alacha County Animal Services and they claim she is lab/Brittany mix, but now I’m being told she’s definitely got pit bull in her too. She looks amazingly like your Sammi, has a very sweet and gentle nature and seems starved for affection, which I’m happy to give. Her only problem is she does not like men. So I’m thinking sometime in the last 2 1/2 yrs she was abused by a male. Her last owner was an 86 yr old woman, who just dropped her off at the pound. As loving and obedient as she is, I just can’t understand why anyone would give her up. To me she’s pretty much perfect..

  • cara -

    My friend has a dog which looks identical to this and since so many people are asking the breed I figured I’d share in case it helps anyone identify their dog, the mix being pittbull/border collie mix

  • Laura -

    Have you figured out what she is mixed with yet? My dog looks just like her, and it’s driving me crazy to know what else she has in her. I want to do the DNA test, but don’t have the cash

  • Raymond -

    It’s eerie because my pitbull mix looks exactly like this also except her nose is black. Ironic that I myself have been asking what she’s mixed with.

  • Lindsay -

    I still don’t know Sammi’s exact mix, so anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  • Laura -

    Have you thought about doing the DNA test? I’m finally in a position financially to afford it, I’m going to order it soon. I’ve been thinking pit/Beagle mix for my girl, because she has big eyes like a Beagle. I’ll let you know what I find out!

  • Katie -

    My dog looks identical. When I bought him as a puppy I was told he was full beagle. As he grew bigger, his ears were too short and his nose isn’t as long. He has green eyes and a red nose. I’m thinking he is a beagle/pit.

  • John -

    My Charlie looks exactly like her. I’m doing the DNA test next week. I’ve heard too many opinions. I think he is Brittany/pitbull mix but I’ve heard beagle/Brittany and pit/border collie. Soon we will find out

  • Jessica -

    My Max looks just like her but he has a black nose and darker eyes. We think he might be a pitbull/pointer mix. His body is much skinnier than a typical pit. We should do a DNA test ! Your pup is beautiful!

  • Tammy -

    Wow!, I just adopted a rescue puppy, 3 months old and if I could post picture here …she is a mirror of your dog, even the eyes.

  • JAY -

    Hello there im in south africa,my dog also looks exactly like that one a pitbull mix

  • Eddie Falco -

    My dog also looks extremely similar. DNA test basically said a chiweenie (chihuahua + dachshund) mixed with a bulldog mix, which I believe is pit, since the test doesn’t have pit as a breed. I think it’s accurate because he has dachshund characteristics and personality and then chihuahua tail and ears. But he eyes pit eyes and a pink nose. He’s very feisty and funny. Very cute.

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