Pixie is so cute! I smile whenever I look at her! She was pretty excited to see me today, and I’m sure that was because I was also so excited to see her! 🙂 We walked 2.65 miles.

Pixie is up for adoption with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo. Make sure to visit her profile!

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  • Amanda S. -

    It looks like she was smiling back at you! You take such good pictures of her! Would you mind if we used them for her bio page on the rescue’s website?

  • Jennifer E. -

    Is this dog still up for adoption? I saw her before on the 4 Luv of Dog website and she is longer on there. We were thinking about adopting.

  • Lindsay -

    She is no longer up for adoption, but there are lots of other pit mixes you might be interested in.

  • Jennifer E. -

    Bummer…I just saw on her profile that she was euthanized…do u know why…she was a really pretty dog?

  • Lindsay -

    Unfortunately she had some very serious aggression issues, and the rescue made the difficult decision to put her down.

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