Monte, Addie and Myla

Pom mix

Pomeranian mix

We only hung out inside for a few minutes before heading over to the dog park. I didn’t have my camera along, but Monte and Myla had a great time chasing a puggle. I have never seen Myla run so fast. Addie was more independent and spent her time sniffing everything and following a shih tzu around.

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  • Alex -

    Hi, I was just wondering what Monte is mixed with. I have a Pomeranian mix that looks JUST like him, almost identical, and I’ve been searching for months to see what he’s mixed with, with no luck til now. I hope you can help me out!

  • Eric -

    this is a long shot alex, but did you get your puppy from a breeder in south san francisco?

  • Vee Haley -

    My new dog looks just like Monte. She’s all white and they called her miniature Husky, so I believe she is a Pomino. She definitely has Pomeranian legs and ruff.

  • Nadine Houghton -

    Is your dog monte a pomeranian shitzu? Because i have a 4yr old dog named Coby & they look very much the same except my dog is a darker beige every thing else is the same. The pet store where i got him from said he was a pomeranian shitzu.

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