Misty and Gracie

They do a very good job ignoring the little dogs next door. It’s like they think they’re above those dogs 🙂

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  • Jacquie -

    You’re crazy…are you sure you’re talking about my dogs? They threaten to eat them doggies next door everytime their door opens. 🙂

  • Lindsay -

    When we go out the side door, those little dogs are always freaking out, and Misty and Gracie are just like, “Yeah, whatever.”

    Gracie thinks a rabbit would make a really fun toy, however.

  • Jacquie -

    I bet rabbits would make a really fun toy. I had them as pets though and I don’t think I could watch that.

    They saw a bunny wabbitt wunning away fwum thewm twonight 🙂

  • Lindsay -

    Haha! We saw some mice or some other little critters in the grass one day, too. Not sure what they were, but the girls were very interested!

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