Lucy and Patty

The girls are doing well. They stayed outside most of the day today. It wasn’t humid and storming like yesterday. Sometimes Patty eats her food right away and sometimes she doesn’t so I just put it up. Lucy is eating just fine. I would say she is her usual self! 🙂

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  • Heather -

    Sounds like they are back to their usual selves! I’m glad they have been getting plenty of outside time. I love all the pictures. Lucy looks concerned & a little disappointed whereas Patty is giving a sly/curious look…too funny….usually it’s the other way around.

  • Lindsay -

    Haha! That was right before a walk. Lucy was trying so hard to be good before I put the leash on. And Patty was looking out, like, should I go or not? She always goes along 🙂

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