I wanted to get a marathon training run in this morning, and I had the perfect candidate for a running buddy …

Eli and I ran 13.14 miles. He was perfectly behaved and ran right at my side the whole time. He did a very dramatic springer leap over all the puddles we came across. After 11 miles he finally started to pant, barely.

When we came home, the dogs played because they were so happy to be reunited. After about a half-hour, Ace was tired and ready for a nap even though he didn’t run this morning.

So with nothing else going on, Eli decided he should take a nap, too.

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  • Amanda Steiner -

    That’s awesome you guys were able to run that far, must be nice out! He’s not a big fan of slush or puddles and always looks distgusted when he has to walk through them. I love the pics of him and Ace, esp. the middle one where Eli is like “what’s he doing, I’m not done yet!”

  • Lindsay -

    He wasn’t tired at all after our run. 🙂 It is so nice out! The snow is going away fast! We are heading out for a walk around the neighborhood now.

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