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Pepper, Hunter and Ranger

Pepper had to wait patiently while Ranger went along with Hunter for the first half. Then she was so happy to get out with her foster brother for a run. Ranger walked 1.25 miles and Hunter went 3.05 miles.

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Pepper and Hunter

Pepper got Hunter to go 3.55 miles. He was huffing and puffing and slowing down. She was not out of breath, and I don’t think her heart rate even went up! It was fun to take them together again!

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Hunter, Ranger and Pepper

I didn’t get new pics of the crew today 🙁 Ranger and Hunter thought the snow was great! They walked together for 1.20 miles. Then Pepper and Hunter ran 1.82 miles together. Pepper was a very good girl after pawing at her Gentle Leader for only the first minute or so. She would’ve liked to […]

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