Bentley ran 5.55 miles this afternoon, the furthest we’ve ran together so far. He is so happy to get out! He does very well when we run by other people. We haven’t come across any other dogs out running yet, just dogs tied in yards and behind fences.

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  • Kevin Schmidt -

    Bentley is sure full of energy! Lindsay has sure been patent with him! He loves going for his runs and seems like he knows what days she is coming, he always seems ready to run!! He loves to play and don’t think he would ever run out of energy. Glad we found Lindsay, I would recommend her to anyone who needs this service!!

  • Lindsay -

    Thanks, Kevin! I love hanging out with Bentley because he is so enthusiastic and happy to run! I’m not sure if he will ever run out of energy either! He is such a happy and fun dog!

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